THE WTC SITE MEMORIAL: Reflecting Absence, by Michael Arad.

WTC Site Memorial Design Winner Is 'Reflecting Absence' By Michael Arad

This web site chronicles the efforts of Toronto-based memorial designer, William Stratas, and his team in the World Trade Center site memorial design competition, and offers numerous links to WTC-related sites.

See the personal/professional biographies of our design team: William Stratas, Kent Ford, Kevin Slack.

Latest News About The World Trade Center Site Memorial Competition:

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Quick Facts About The World Trade Center Site Memorial Design Competition:

» A total of 13,683 registrants from 93 countries worldwide have registered their intent to submit proposals for the World Trade Center site memorial. Within the United States, 11,370 people registered their intent to compete. New York had the most registrants of any state -- 4,598 people -- followed by California with 1,151 competition registrants, and New Jersey with 922 registrants. By the deadline date of June 30th, 2003, a total of 5,200 submissions were received -- a world record total for any prior architectural or memorial design competition.

» By comparison, 2,500 people registered in August 2002 for the Pentagon memorial competition, and 1,126 submitted entries that met the competition rules. Manhattan architects Julie Beckman and Keith Kaseman won that competition, with benches and trees for each victim of the September 11th attack on the Pentagon.

» The Oklahoma City Memorial competition, held to honor the victims of the bombing at the Alfred Murrah Federal Office Building in 1995, attracted 4,800 registrants and 627 design submissions. Butzer Design Partnership, now based in Cambridge, MA, won that competition.

» The Vietnam Veterans Memorial competition in 1981 accepted 1,421 proposal entries and was won by Maya Lin, a second year architecture student at Yale University, who currently is serving as a judge on the World Trade Center site memorial competition jury. As a matter of historical interest, take a moment to read Maya Lin's design submission to the Vietnam Veterans memorial competition.

Highlights of Our World Trade Center Site Memorial Design Proposal:

» SORRY: Any description of our proposal's unique features must be witheld due to competition rules mandating anonymity of identity for all proposal designs until the finalists are announced.

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